XM STUDIOS 1/6 Avengers Assemble Captain America

17,000.00 14,000.00



1/6 scale approximately 12.25 inches (31cm)
Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
Limited Quantity as this is an Exclusive Edition

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HX PROJECT in collaboration with XM-Studios and Hand Made Objects ( H.M.O.) is proud to present, the first of its kind, the original Super Soldier, CAPTAIN AMERICA in a highly stylized design and technically engineered piece. It is truly unique in its Art Direction and Presentation. CAPTAIN AMERICA is in the 1/6th scale family, making it compact and highly collectible. This statue is designed with the collector in mind, from the way he will be displayed to how he stands with other statues in the same line. CAPTAIN AMERICA features the first ever Augmented Reality to grace the Collectibles industry to compliment the stylish design. Display the good Cap’n with his counterparts to truly appreciate how great CAPTAIN AMERICA is!

During WWII, Steve Rogers was offered a place in the military’s top-secret biological experiment, Operation: Rebirth. Rogers was injected with an experimental super serum and emerged from the treatment with heightened endurance, strength and reaction time. With extensive training and an indestructible Vibranium shield, Rogers soon became the country’s ultimate weapon: CAPTAIN AMERICA!


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